Immagini di Italia

I went just about EVERYWHERE in Italy from Verona to Rome. I can’t possibly describe everything without writing a book. But they say that pictures are worth a thousand words…


The Arch of Constantine


The Roman Colosseum


Duomo Church in Florence


The Leaning Tower of Pisa


Un Cuore Scalzo in Florence



Little town of San Gimiano


Outside of St. Peter’s Square



Leaving Gatlinburg

{Summer Bucket List}

The open road…trees, interstate, highways, overpasses, tunnels, mountains, rivers, lakes and more. I went on a road trip to Gatlinburg awhile back and it was amazing. I didn’t drive but my dad did. There is so much to do on a road trip: play games, listen to music, watch movies, have DMCs (deep meaningful conversations), sleep or just ride.  I personally sleep or watch movies but what you do and where you go on the road is your choice. So just ride.

Road Trip Playlist

  • Ride- Lana del Rey
  • Life is a Highway-  Rascal Flats
  • Real Gone- Cheryl Crow
  • Music to Watch Boys to- Lana Del Rey
  • Break Away- Kelly Clarkson
  • Meet Me Halfway- Black Eyed Peas
  • Second Chance- Shinedown
  • On My Way- Axwell, Ingrosso
  • Holiday Road-Lindsey Buckingham
  • Two Birds on A Wire- Regina Specktor

See a Concert! 

While I was in New York, I went to see Flo-Rida in concert at the today show! I’m not the biggest Flo-Rida fan but I love his music because it’s so fun to dance to! It was a fun experience



 An energetic crowd makes for an AWESOME concert!