Outside My Comfort Zone


As humans, we like what is familiar to us…what’s comfortable. But when we are pushed past that “comfort zone” what happens? I’ll tell you…adventure.

“Adventure is out there” -Ellie, Up

   Adventure is out there. When I stepped outside of my comfort zone I found adventure and fun.

What did I do?

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Football Games and Dancing (The Homecoming Diaries)

Entry #4
So. Football. Homecoming Maids. The Band. It’s all in a homecoming game. I’m in the band. #flutesection
The band keeps it rolling and fun for the students. I’m not a football person but the games can be pretty fun. Th

And…we won that game too.

Forget about the game. It’s all about that dance. Fun decor dresses, makeup, shoes, friends and ridiculous dance moves. I helped set up that morning (because I am such a decorator). That night, my friends and I met up at the dance and…danced on the ceiling, cut a rug or “turned up”. It was so much fun.

Thus concludes, my homecoming diary. Until next year….comes.

Years Younger….(Writing 101 Day18)


When I was 12…which wasn’t long ago,

I thought EVERYTHING had magic! I tried to imagine another real place…where everything was happy.

My neighborhood wasn’t too wild or wild at all for that matter. It was really calm…I had a new dog who caused some minor disturbances because she LOVED to run away…
For a 12 year old girl I was wise beyond my years(told to me by my grandma)…

Everything was fanatical to me…

I loved stories set in far off places; books were an escape from the cruel world of 12 year old girls. I read books, drew pictures(like the one shown above…)

Hidden and Exposed (Writing101 Day16)

Working in the Chelsea Hotel is… interesting. I’m the Housekeeping Manager so every now and then I find an interesting “artifact” in a room from time to time. The most intriguing item I’ve found was a little stuffed bunny…

Whenever I’ve seen lost items, I think…what is this person doing without this item? Is it something they really needed? Did they just forget?

I knew with this little bunny that a little child was missing this item….
Her parents desperately trying to get a new one, but she denies it because it’s not the same…

I return the bunny to the lost and found section of the hotel….

Two weeks later after making my usual rounds…I’d heard that a little girl’s family called asking about that little bunny…

It was the first package out to Oregon the next day…