BEST PROM EVER (a how to)


It’s the most magical time of the year, now that Prom Season is here!! 

  1. Bring FLATS
  2. Clutches are cute but a little crossbody is better!
  3. Have a little emergency kit. You can buy a Minimergency Kit by Pinch Provisions at Sephora or make your own!
    1. Mini Advil
    2. Bandaids
    3. Makeup Wipes
    4. Safety Pins
    5. Feminine Products
      1. Tampons
      2. Pads
    6. Your Lipstick
    7. Tissues 
    8. Breath mints
  4. Online Places to shop for dresses
    1. Unique Vintage
    2. Prom Girl
    3. And if you don’t want to buy a dress try: Rent the Runway
  5. Ask friends or relatives if they are selling their dresses
  6. Do not be scared to ask a guy to prom or go alone
  7. Have fun with photos! Use props and different poses!!
  8. Create a playlist for your car/limo
  9. Bring an aux cord for your limo (get it cheap Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy)

Have a safe, fun, and magical Prom night!!

XOXO, Natalie D.

Want more prom hacks? Visit theNatalog on YouTube!


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