Ten Memes That Describe Christmas

I actually can’t believe it’s December 1st! Christmas 2016 here and its bound the most wonderful time of the year! Here are some memes I have found from around the internet accurately describing how I (and you) feel about Christmas. 🎄

  1. What to say to all the Grinches out there:                   71b7556586e73676e84b67bdce75056b
  1. November 1st is not the time for the Christmas music station…


  1. Every Black Friday/Christmas Sale ever.


  1. Live Christmas tree + Small pets


  1. When you try a “Christmas-y” hair do.


  1. There are no words for this one…it’s so true


  1. New favorite Christmas song


  1. If paper could talk…


  1. The Night Before Christmas: Snoop Dog Style


10. The only thing that ruins Christmas


Get ready for an awesome Christmas and holiday season with Life: iNspired and theNatalog!

🎄 Merry Christmas🎄


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