Last Minute Costumes

It’s Wednesday. Halloween is on Saturday. No costume? I can help with that. Here are 3 EASY DIY costumes you can make using items you most likely already own. 

  1. Element of the Periodic Table
  2. Hippie
  3. A penguin 

Model Behavior: An Interview with Gwen Van Meir [the girl squad]


Gwen Van Meir modeling the Phased Collection by Mr. Kate


Part of our FIT summer class! Can you spot us? Photo shared by Shannon Kelly

First, a backstory. How did Gwen and I meet? Summer Seminars at FIT this past summer and I promise you she was the absolute coolest.

Natalie: What are your top three places to shop? 

Gwen: Zara, Topshop, Urban Outfitters.

Natalie: If you were going on a trip and could only take a tote bag full of clothes and accessories, which six items would you take?

Gwen: Depends on where I’m going…but I would take my black leather jacket (a must), a cute tee, my fav jeans, a snazzy watch (because I don’t have my phone so I’ll need to know the time), my Topshop Jean shorts, and a pair of cool Nike tennis shoes.

N: What is your favorite movie (or TV show) of all time?

G: Currently I’m completely addicted to The Office. I love Sci/fi shows like Eureka, Warehouse 13, Dr. Who, and Lost etc. Breaking bad is hands down my favorite show ever.

N: What is your idea of a perfect weekend?

 G: I would go Vacay to Costa Rica and eat delicious food and see the amazing wildlife.

N: Would you rather go to the beach, a big city, the mountains or an amusement park for vacation? And why?

G: I would say either the Beach or the Mountains…I love nature and exploring!

N: What five things do you always have in your purse or backpack?

G: I always have a little makeup bag in which I keep the necessities (mascara, EOS, concealer, lip gloss…etc). I usually always have Sunscreen, a Protein bar, Sunglasses, my Phone!! I have way more than 5 !

N: What do you love most about where you are from?

 I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. I love the trees, and I also like how there is a lot of diversity. Most people are really laid back and nice.

N: What’s your favorite season or time of year?

G: My favorite season (right now) is Fall. But maybe that’s because I just got back from LA where it is still really hot! I love the leaves that change colors…and still love dressing up for Halloween 🙂

N: Who’s your favorite (music) artist?

G: Eminem.

N: What/Who/Why made you fall in love with fashion and modeling?

 G: From the start, I always loved fashion. It was one of of my dreams to become a model. I would look at magazines like Teen Vogue and Seventeen and see all the ads with models and would think, that will be me one day!!

N: What is your biggest dream and biggest fear?

G: My biggest dream would to get a campaign for a huge company. Or the cover Vogue! My biggest fear would probably be falling on the runway!

N: Who is someone you look up to? Why?

. G: My sister. She’s really different from me, but she’s not afraid to speak up for herself and she has a strong sense of social justice.

N: What is your favorite part of your job?

 G:Traveling!! I’ve gotten to see the world through modeling and it’s been amazing to get new experiences

N: What’s the funniest/craziest thing that’s happened while you were doing your job?

G: Recently I was at a photoshoot in Hollywood, and the client’s fancy Persian cat walked on set and just sat there! The photographer started taking pictures of it haha! It stole my shine!

N: What are your favorite foods? What is your favorite restaurant?

G: I don’t have one favorite food. But I like experimenting with different kinds of healthy smoothies…yogurt or acai bowls! It really depends on my mood…but I like “The Springs” in LA. It is all macrobiotic foods and literally is delicious!

N: In 5 words or less, how would you describe your personal style?

G: No fuss, Boho, down to earth.

N: Any advice for those of us seeking entrance into the fashion industry?   

G: To know that it’s a competitive world. Try not to compare yourself with other people, and stay healthy mentally and physically. Above all, don’t sign with agencies that want to charge you any up front fees!

Natalie: What is your favorite part of working with Mr. Kate and the Phased collection?

Gwen: I admire Kate because she’s so creative and fun! I had a fabulous time working with her and her team. I love her signature rings and necklaces that are simple and classy


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Introducing “The Girl Squad” [an Interview Series]


If you Taylor Swift, you know she has a “girl squad” of amazing and beautiful girls with amazing lifestyles, talents, and style. I may not be Taylor Swift but a have my own “girl squad” and you are going to love them; they live all over the country, come from all walks of life and find wondrous ways to express themselves.

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