Black Friday Haul!

So. Black Friday Happened.
I bought some things. A lot of things.

It’s time for a haul.


Macy’s- A Jessica Simpson Dress : $80.00  $30.oo

Michael’s Craft Store- Felt, Sherpa fabric, and Needle Felting Wool

Charming Charlie’s – Nude Sunglasses – $9.00 $4.99

Hot Topic – Kirby Tee – $10

Delia’s – Denim Button Down, Burgundy Skirt

Wet Seal- Brown/White/Burgundy Cardigan(IT HAS POCKETS) and Blue Plaid Shirt

Dillards- Red Plaid Skirt- $44  $26

Expect some fabulous DIYs and OOTDs 😉

Favorite Online Stores!

Cyber Monday is Tomorrow! Don’t know of any cool places to shop online? Well I can help!

  1. ASOS –
  2. Chicwish –
  3. ModCloth –
  4. Uniqlo –
  5. Piperlime-
  6. YesStyle -

A Shopper’s Guide to Black Friday


black friday.

It’s where deals get pretty serious. Some say it’s not worth it. To me it’s just plain fun.

I personally hate  how the stores are opening at 6PM ON THANKSGIVING (or earlier). But none the less…it’s shopping time! {I personally am going at midnight-ish…}

Let’s Get Down to Business…

My Top Seven Tips for conquering Black Friday.  

  1.  HAVE A PLAN! – Know what stores that you are going to go to and buy stuff. Don’t waste time where you don’t need to.
  2.  Go with friends/family – Friends make everything more fun. Trust me.
  3. “Pre-Shop” – look online at the store’s website to see what you are interested in, or what deals are going on
  4. Know what you need to buy – make a list of what you need/want to buy.
  5.  Shop Smart – Shop for the best deal!! Use coupons,
  6.  Stay Comfy – wear clothes that aren’t only warm but comfy!!
  7.  Organization is key! – keep your cards and money organized by keeping them in a spare makeup pouch. It makes paying a lot easier!!



While working on a project in my office….Treasure by Bruno Mars came on…that’s like my favorite song to dance to….

It made me think. What do I treasure most?
Family, friends and music🎧