Today…I was the Hipster Unicorn.


Outfit Details!!
-Dress: Delias
-Shoes: American Apparel
-Tights: Target
-Horn and Tail: Made by me!
-Glasses: Goodwill
-Eye Makeup: Urban Decay

I hope you had a Happy Halloween!!!



Last Minute Costumes!!

Let’s see, it’s Tuesday? Halloween is on Friday….and you don’t have a costume?

Well I can help with that!! Here are some adorable last minute costume ideas…

IMG_3212.JPGA flamingo! I decided to go the extra mile..and throw on a my little pink hat and feather boa.

But you basically need a pink dress (or top and skirt) and pink leggings and shoes.


  • Shoes: Converse
  • Knit Top: Joe Fresh
  • Pink Tutu: Party City (about a week ago)
  • Feather Boa: Michael’s Craft Store
  • Tights: Target

This next one is dedicated to brand of my childhood…. Little Miss Mismatch.


Infamous for mismatched socks, bedding,backpacks and other clothing


This was a truly easy look to create….Wear things that DO NOT MATCH!


  • Jacket:  Belk
  • Plaid Top: Target
  • Skirt: H&M
  • Leggings: Target





More on costumes the way….


Halloween + Announcements

Hi everyone!!! As you know Halloween is just around the corner!! I already posted some ideas for my costume and I’m still deciding on what to wear on Friday!!

Some Announcements!  

  1. The Homecoming Diaries will finish the week of Nov. 1st
  2. I will be showing some easy last minute costumes
  3. OOTDs for fall are on the way!