As many of you know it is fall (for all of us above the equator)! I love the fall. The temperature gets cooler…boots, jeans, pumpkin pie, campfires, homecoming weeks, football, and Halloween!

So to start fall off right, here are some pictures that you will surely fall for.

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Once Upon A Time is Back!!!!

Tonight at 7/8pm Central…Once Upon A Time (OUAT) returns for its 4th season!!!  I’m beyond excited. This is my all time favorite show…the way it’s written, the costumes, and of course the wonderful characters!! I HIGHLY recommend this show for any one. If you follow me on Pinterest, I have a whole board dedicated to this very show.                                                                                      dac7e4f8e8c08b85d5f85157954b351c







Deep City Lights…

Deep City Lights...

Neon purse

Nailhead bracelet

Forever 21 necklace

Forever 21 necklace

illesteva Leonard Sunglasses

L Oréal Paris brown mascara
$19 – chiarafashion.co.uk

Essie matte nail polish

Summer Music (#Summer14 Series)

This summer (for me) two albums were released!

Ultraviolence (Deluxe)Ultraviolet - EP 1

Strangely enough, with the same name, kinda.

Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence

A deep, dark and rhythmic album about struggle, along with contrasting sounds and views. I just love Lana so much my favorite song is Cruel World.

Owl City’s Ultraviolet

An enlightening EP talking about Beautiful Times and getting through tough time when it Isn’t The End. Owl City produces beautiful music, it’s so alive and good for dancing. My favorite song on this EP is This Isn’t the End.

Air Travel Tips (#Summer2014 Series)

I traveled by many modes of transportation this summer. Including but not limited to: buses, taxis, car, plane and train!  And I will now share my top five travel tips for Air Travel!

  • ALWAYS arrive an hour and a half early if you have to check your baggage and print boarding passes AT THE AIRPORT.
  •  Lines are long. Be patient. When it’s your turn…have your stuff ready to go!
  •  IF YOU ARE IN A LARGE CITY…get there 2 hours in advance. (Especially for Chicago, Atlanta, New York and LA)
  •  Print boarding pass and “check in” the night before. This saves A LOT of time. You can now have an E-boarding pass (which helped me so much when I went to Washington, DC.) that will be emailed to you after you confirm your flight. BUT I  ALSO SUGGEST PRINTING IT OUT…phones die and then you can’t get on the plane.
  • Bring snacks. Airport food may not be good or cheap….so have some snacks like crackers and cheese, popcorn, mini Lunchables, trail mix and granola bars ready to eat.


Happy Flying!