A Birthday. (Writing 101 Day 19)

(They gave me a free day…oh joy!)

Birthdays…everyone has a date of birth.

Of course, how we celebrate is different depending on your lifestyle…

I love to rack up on birthday cake candles…it’s a kind of reminder to us of years past…

It helps you remember or rather think about past “birthdays” or other events too.

Did you ever-in the midst of that same old birthday song-think about each year, each birthday.

A birthday is like a New Year…a time for fresh start…instead of a New Years Resolution, try a birthday resolution:

While I am (insert age) I want to:…

Birthdays also mean parties…

I don’t know how birthday parties became a tradition but, I do enjoy them.

When you look at the cake-about to blow out those candles, hearing that age old tune being sung-what do you wish for?


Charmed (Writing101 Day 20)

I have this beautiful Juicy Couture charm bracelet-I got it when I was 12 for my birthday.

It was my favorite thing ever…but being 12, I couldn’t wear it but on special occasions…

Currently I have eight charms-Birthday cake, artist palette, horseshoe, volleyball, yoga mat, sunscreen, an NYC Taxi Cab and a watermelon.

And the story goes:
🎂Birthday Cake-my first charm…
🎨Artist Palette-my creativity
🐎Horseshoe-Good luck and blessings
⚽️Volleyball-I play volleyball
👣Yoga Mat-Balance
🔆Sunscreen-I love the beach!!!
🍉Watermelon-Summer and the special race I always run in July.
🚕NYC Cab-Time spent in NYC and hailing taxis.

She was charmed…that bracelet had its own magical powers. I had the charmed life.




Years Younger….(Writing 101 Day18)


When I was 12…which wasn’t long ago,

I thought EVERYTHING had magic! I tried to imagine another real place…where everything was happy.

My neighborhood wasn’t too wild or wild at all for that matter. It was really calm…I had a new dog who caused some minor disturbances because she LOVED to run away…
For a 12 year old girl I was wise beyond my years(told to me by my grandma)…

Everything was fanatical to me…

I loved stories set in far off places; books were an escape from the cruel world of 12 year old girls. I read books, drew pictures(like the one shown above…)

Hidden and Exposed (Writing101 Day16)

Working in the Chelsea Hotel is… interesting. I’m the Housekeeping Manager so every now and then I find an interesting “artifact” in a room from time to time. The most intriguing item I’ve found was a little stuffed bunny…

Whenever I’ve seen lost items, I think…what is this person doing without this item? Is it something they really needed? Did they just forget?

I knew with this little bunny that a little child was missing this item….
Her parents desperately trying to get a new one, but she denies it because it’s not the same…

I return the bunny to the lost and found section of the hotel….

Two weeks later after making my usual rounds…I’d heard that a little girl’s family called asking about that little bunny…

It was the first package out to Oregon the next day…